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Visualization improves fertility!

Applying Visualization to Fertility

In 1971, Dr. O. Carl Simonton, a radiologist at the University of Texas met a 61-year old patient who had advanced throat cancer with a very poor prognosis. The patient was so weak that it seemed highly unlikely that he would respond well to radiation, the standard therapy for his condition.
In desperation, Dr. Simonton suggested the man try visualization as a means of enhancing his radiation therapy. While visualizing the cancer cells as vividly as possibly, he imagined his white blood cells successfully ridding the cancer. For him, he saw his cancer cells being swept clean from his system leaving only healthy cells behind. He went home with instructions to repeat this visualization throughout the day, every day.

In a few weeks, his tumor seemed to be shrinking and he was virtually free of side effects from his radiation therapy. After 2 months, his cancer was completely gone.

Naturally, Dr. Simonton was elated but baffled. How could a thought deal so effectively with a cancer cell? The patient went on to effectively deal with arthritis in his leg that kept him from going stream-fishing. Six years later, he was still cancer and arthritis free.

This is the power of the brain to heal.

This is the power of the brain and how we can use visualization to enact this self-healing power. According to Dr. Bernie Siegel, it doesn't matter if you direct it to heart-disease, cancer, arthritis, or infertility - it works on all aspects of our health.

This is the underpinning of our work and programming for Circle+Bloom. Applying this brain-visualization power to the reproductive system. This is why our programs follow the cycle as closely as possible. We move inward and visualize what is happening - or should be happening - on a daily basis.
After watching both my parents die of cancer at the hands of modern medicine, I find a bittersweet solace when I hear these types of stories. But at the same time it strengthens my resolve that we need to educate and teach everyone that this self-healing is a powerful tool we can all use no matter what stage of our life we are in.

I endorse this wonderful company! Mike Berkley, L.Ac., FABORM

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