Wednesday, February 16

East Coast Fertility Does it Again!

Im standing in front of 34 people lecturing on the benefits of acupuncture and herbal medicine for those faced with the difficult challenge of infertility. I was preceeded by a very articulate and charming Dr. David Kreiner and his wonderful Head of Mind-Body-Awareness and his terrific embryologist, Head Nurse and support staff. This was a lecture for new patients at East Coast Fertility  a star that continues to rise in reproductive medicine circles. I was proud to be speaking amongst such seasoned professionals. ECF is, in my estimation, the go-to-place to have a baby for those who live in Long Island. ECF is the very first group in Long Island that offers co-culture and embryo 'glue' protocols to help further the potential positive outcomes of IVF. They are also the first Long Island reproductive Center to offer complete complementary medicine services. Please visit for more enlightening information on how you can finally get pregnant and stay pregnant!

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