Monday, April 18

Infertility, Endometriosis, Pain Management

Changes in my Acupuncture Protocol

After 13 years of study and clinical experience in treating infertility I have refined my approach to treating patients with acupuncture.
Previously I had always treated patients lying on their backs facing upwards.

Now I treat with three successive protocols: 1)Patient is on back facing upwards; 2) Next visit the patient is on his/her side and I needle the front and back simultaneously; 3) 3rd visit, I treat the patient face down and use acupuncture points on the back only.

This multi-faceted approach allows me to access many important acupuncture points on the body and potentially improve efficacy.

For those of you who are acupuncturists, I am using front mu points, back shu points and points of the 8 extra meridians as well as points which are appropriate for the pattern of disharmony being addressed.

I am starting to see good results with this new appropach.


Recently, I have added endometriosis as a disease which I am treating.

Treatment is geared towards ameliorating pain AFTER a laparoscopy is performed; potentially slowing down it's re-growth after a laparoscopy by potentially regulating and stabilizing the immune function of the endometrium (for REI's: reduction of MMP's and aromatase IN THE uterine cavity. This is obviously experimental, but if success is manifest then many will be helped - if not, then I will strictly deal with pain management).

So, endometriosis patients are welcome!

Meditation & Pain Management

Lastly, we just completed our second Joanne Verkuilen, Fertility Meditation and everyone loved it! Thanks Joanne for a great job! Joanne is the Co-Founder of Circle+Bloom an incredible organization. more thing, I have hired two excellent acupuncturists whose expertise is in pain management. So, if you, a friend, or a loved one suffers with headache, back-pain, neck-pain, arthritis, etc., have them call Abbey Fromkin, L.Ac. or Jeff Wolf at The Berkley Center they will receive excellent care.

Ciao for now!


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