Wednesday, November 2

Endometriosis and Herbs

I do use herbs to clear heat in endometriosis patients because endometriosis is an inflammatory disease. So even in the absence of heat signs/symptoms the patient still has ‘heat’. My most frequent dx in endo cases is derangement of qi and blood, qi and blood stagnation and stasis and hidden heat trapped in the interior. I don’t have a cookie-cutter formula for said cases as each case is different. But heat clearing is always part of my treatment principle and clinical goal in endometriosis patients. Also, IVIG/intralipid is not typically used to prevent miscarriage due to endometriosis or remnants of,  but rather to suppress activated natural killer cells which are often, though not always evident in the endo pt.  A pt w/ endo should be screened for activated nk cells, ata, apa, lac, and have a reproductive immunophenotype panel done to rule out other potential autoimmune etiologies of chronic recurrent miscarriage. It is often these OTHER causes that are the culprit rather than the endo itself which, is generally no longer extant as the dx of endo is done via lap and ablation is done at the time of discovery.  This may seem contradictory in that earlier I said I always use heat clearing herbs in the endo pt. and here I am saying that after a lap the endo is no longer extant. The reason I use heat clearing herbs even after a lap is because it is virtually impossible to ablate or resect ALL endo lesions. Some lesions are the SAME COLOR as normal tissue. So even after a lap, there is STILL ENDO though much less.

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