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Why a Fertility Advocate?

Fertility is a woman’s sacred right.

Conception and fertility treatments are often roads sometimes fraught with obstacles.

A daunting process at best.

A mystery…a maze…a road with no map.

We all need an advocate in our lives…I am that person and I will show you that the REAL advocate is YOU.

I can, and will, guide and teach you ALL the tools you need to advocate for yourself.

I have personally dealt with the challenges of getting and staying pregnant…the countless doctor’s appointments, endless energy and the emotional roller coaster!

I have gathered the tools and resources necessary for you to successfully navigate yourself through this process.

After six and a half years of this journey, I am now blessed with twin boys…and I want to give the benefit of all the information I have gathered back to you. I can actually help you save on your resources…time, energy or finances.

My goal is to empower and inspire you…to have the best understanding of fertility…from conception to pregnancy.

This may involve:

• Education about fertility from evaluation through treatments including integrative options of Eastern and Western modalities. Get a fertility checklist!

• Choosing the right doctor, clinic…to know when or if it’s time to see a fertility specialist or change the plan, doctor etc.

• Support with IVF, surrogacy, donor egg or sperm

• Male factor infertility

• Identification of other contributing factors-emotional imbalances (stress management techniques)

• Understanding you have choices and options; how to articulate your needs to your doctor

• Support on dealing with family member’s and friends through this time

• Supporting you to set up a birth plan (home or water birth, birthing center, minimal obstetrics) and pregnancy you envision. I can support you from pre-conception through mid-pregnancy and assist with choice of birth provider/options(midwife, birth doula, obstetrician)

This is a time when you need to have someone who’s there for you. Whether it’s your 1st or your 4th child, you’re in your 20’s or your 40’s, I am that person.

Let me help you unlock the mystery of fertility and reach your most successful outcome.

If you wish to schedule a 15 minute complimentary consultation, please send an e-mail to or call 917-334-3407. Skype calls available as well. My rates are on a sliding scale so that I may accommodate all. Package rates available for further discounts.

Dawn Harris


Phone: 917-334-3407

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