Monday, January 16

Like countless other couples around the world my husband and I left trying to get pregnant until I was 39...

Like countless other couples around the world my husband and I left trying to get pregnant until I was 39, with little realisation what a journey we had in store for us. We were both fit and healthy so it never occurred to us that there would be any difficulty.

After 3 years and several failed attempts with IUI and IVF we were told that our best chance of success would be through egg donation. We were given all the statistics but felt that we weren’t ready to give up and make that decision.
By now we were becoming exhausted with what seemed to be a hopeless pursuit which was draining on so many levels, emotionally, physically and financially. It was at this time that we met Mike. The Berkley Center was recommended to us for pre and post transfer acupuncture. Mike made us feel welcome and his kindness and support was encouraging a refreshing change from the statistically orientated RE’s that we had previously dealt with. For the first time someone was giving us support and encouragement that we weren’t on a hopeless journey. Despite the fact that we lived overseas Mike conducted a telephone consult and prescribed a course of Chinese Herbs to be taken before the next IVF he also took the time to speak with my acupuncturist and advise him what protocol to use.

That IVF didn’t work but four months later we became pregnant naturally. Amazing considering all the failures along the way and believe me I was doing all sorts, meditation, yoga, a variety of supplements I even changed my job to reduce the amount of stress in my life but the one thing I had done differently was the herbs prescribed by Mike. I am happy to report that our precious baby boy was born April 2011 and was definatly worth the wait.

Mike is a true professional whose philosophy embraces the East meets West approach to infertility. I wish that we had known about the Berkley Center when we started our journey but it is where we are heading with help to conceive number two.

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