Monday, April 14

Nutritional Shakes to Support Fertility

Here is a relatively new product on the market that may be interesting to you and your partner.  They are from California and was created by Dan Frey, his naturopath fertility specialist and ABCO Labs in Fairfield California.

The Fertility Drinks LLC has created a healthy and delicious shake that is safe, effective and affordable. It comes in Vanilla and Chocolate and has no artificial dyes, colors or preservatives. 

All you have to do is mix it with milk, juice or water. You can add fruit, ice and other ingredients to make a great tasting smoothie. 

It is specifically designed to provide optimum reproductive healthy benefits with a woman's and man's unique nutritional requirements in mind.

It is more potent and easier to take than a pill. 

FertiliShake and ViriliShake

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