Wednesday, April 19

Couples Ideal for Acupuncture Fertility Treatment

Those who have structural infertility caused by tubal blockage and those with premature ovarian failure are unlikely to do well with acupuncture alone and may consider using acupuncture only as an adjunct to ART.  Those men with low sperm counts who have a shortage of time (acupuncture and herbs may take three to twelve months, if successful) will also need to consider ART as the primary treatment modality.  Good candidates for acupuncture for infertility include:
  • Couples who are having difficulty conceiving but are not ready for ART. Some will conceive using acupuncture and others will move on to ART.
  • Women who have done IVF and are taking a break and preparing for another cycle  and are seeking acupuncture to improve their probabilities.
  • Women who have done 3 to 5 cycles of IVF without success and women who have been advised not to undergo IVF by their doctor.
  • Couples who prefer natural medicine or have concerns about ART and are young enough to undergo the longer preparation period usually required for acupuncture.
  • Women going through IVF cycles. By the time you get to retrieval there will be a good chance that your egg, lining and/or sperm quality will be vastly improved thereby improving your chances for a positive outcome.

Remember this: when trying to conceive you need one good egg, one good sperm and a healthy lining. Acupuncture and herbal medicine have been shown through research to positively affect egg, sperm and lining quality.

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