Sunday, September 27

The Berkley Method - Acupuncture

The Berkley Method of Reproductive Wellness(TM) merges Western and complementary medical data enabling the creation of a complete and well rounded treatment protocol. All Berkley Method Certified Practitioners engage in on-going specialized training in Western reproductive science and complementary medicine for the treatment of those faced with fertility challenges.

The Berkley Method, in addition to its philosophy, includes a clinical aspect too. For example, I have started to compile specific acupuncture point protocols for specific pathologies. These point-prescriptions are effective. I have used them to achieve pregnancies for many years.

So far, I have written down my protocols for high fsh, vericoceles, low sperm count, pcos and endometriosis. More will follow.

These acupuncture point combinations must be used as guidelines, changed when necessary to fit the needs of the specific patient in treatment.

Thanks for reading!

Dr. Mike Berkley

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