Sunday, September 27

IVF Florida - a great bunch of IVF Docs!

I recently returned from a wonderful trip with my associate, Robert Macdonald from Margate Florida where we visited with Drs. Ory, Maxson, Barrionuevo, Hoffman and their fantastic office manager, Clayton Lawrence. What a team!

First of all, these guys have an amazing facility, state-of-the-art is an understatement.

We know that more and more couples faced with the challenge of infertility are seeking complementary medicine to support their journey through IVF; IVF Florida recognizes their patients needs and supports their use of acupuncture. This in and of itself makes them ahead of state-of-the-art. Their 'integrative' approach to fertility enhancement represents the direction that many in-the-know IVF clinics are pursuing.

Kudos to all of you for your recognition of the fact that an East Meets West approach to fertility enhancement makes sense.

Dr. Mike Berkley

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