Thursday, April 15

The best of the best in complementary reproductive medicine

I was invited to speak on the Chinese medcial approach to the treatment of endometriosis in New Mexico by the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

I had an opportunity to mingle with the best-of-the-best in modern day practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine experts-in-reproductive disorders.

These elite group included: Ray Rubio, Stuart Zoll, Sadhna Singh, Dagmar Ehling, Diane Cridenda, Gerald Williams, Kirstin Karchmer and Caylie See. Paul Magarelli, M.D., Reproductive Endocrinologist was also very much there and participating in educating, supporting and facilitating. I also met Sabine Wilms, scholar and translator of Classical Chinese medicine works. Her most recent contribution is a translation of 3 volumes of gynecological writings the famous doctor by Sun Si Miao. I have already purchased this tome. It is available from CM-DB.Com.

Being with this group of wonderful 'Fellows' is always inspiring; this is the crem-de-la-crem of TCM reproductive medicine practitioners currently practicing in the U.S.

It was an honor for me to be counted among them.

If you want more information on any of these brilliant practitioners, please visit

Warmest wishes and love to all my ABORM colleagues and thank you all for your amazing and never-ending contribution to this field.

PS: If I left out any names above, please forgive me; you know how I drink!

Love and best wishes.
Mike Berkley, L.Ac.
Founder and Director, The Berkley Center for Reproductive Wellness

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