Sunday, October 17

My son called me this morning...Sunday October 17th...

And asked me to join him to see Jackass 3 in 3-D.  I couldn't have been more pleased.  To have my son reach out to me and embrace me in his life (he is 15 years old) is the most complementary experience I can ever have. I can't express the joy that I derive when he invites me out with him..

After all, his life at this point is about 'hanging out' with his friends and don't forgot the raging hormones directed at anything in a dress. So when the call comes I am flattered and honored.

The greatest thing I every accomplished in my entire life was contributing to the birth of my son. I honor my relationship with him and love him intensely.

This, I suppose, the driving force behind my work in the field of infertility. If I can help another couple experience that which I do,  I know that I am helping to bestow a great gift to a couple faced with the difficult challenge of infertility. My love, heart and soul and best wishes go out to all of you involved in the struggle.  My mission is to help you become parents.

Thank you God, or the Dao or Nature for these two magnificant gifts; my son and my devotion to you.
I love you Noah.

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