Friday, October 1

New Plainview, Long Island Holistic Fertility Center Update!

I will be seeing patients in the NEW Plainview, Long Island Holistic Fertility Center starting Friday, 10/15/09. Call 516- 204-7149 to schedule your appointment.

This is the FIRST comprehensive East meets West fertility Center in Long Island. I will be working closely with Dr. David Kreiner, the Founder and Director of East Coast Fertility to bring to best of complementary medicine and cutting-edge high tech techniques to help those challenged with infertility to start or grow their families.

Our mission is to provide nurturing, caring and state-of-the-art medicine in a warm, inviting environment, providing a safe-haven for those who want a comprehensive approach to their fertility needs.

It is our goal to transform patients into parents.

We would be honored to accompany you on your journey to family.

Love and blessings.
mike berkley, L.Ac.

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