Tuesday, December 14

A great embryo - or is it?

There is no way a doctor can determine that an embryo is of good quality with today's diagnostic capabilities. This is why when a doctor says "you have a beautiful embryo and a beautiful lining" these are merely words of encouragement with no substantive clinical value.

The reasoning behind my statement is based on my experience. Thousands of patients have perfect blastocysts transferred and get pregnant and miscarry or don't get pregnant.

Thousands of patients have 5 cell embryos with some percentage of fragmentation manifest and conceive and deilver a healthy child.

Why is this? Probably becuase there are many processes and hormones, chemicals and other biochemical components that need to be in perfect balance before conception will occur.

Most doctors don't want to do embryo transfers on women whose linings are less than 9 mm but there are many documented pregnancies which occur with 5mm linings.

The role of acupuncture and herbal medicine is, essentially, one of balancing, or harmonizing - facilitating a state as close to homeostasis as possible.  This is why when patients include acupuncture and herbal medicine into their IVF embryo transfer protocols success is often found where previous failures were ongoing.

I had a patient today who has had 4 failed IVF cycles. She has been getting acupuncture and I suggested that she take herbs. She informed me that her doctor didn't want her to take herbs; I asked her what her doctor has done for her so far.  She then decided to take herbs.

If IVF were the answer, the success rates would be higher than 25-35%.  If acupuncture and herbal medicine were the answer, there would be no need for IVF. But, when these two modalities are used together, the results are frequently better than that achieved when using one of them alone.

Many doctors don't want their patients to take herbs becasue there hasn't been enough scientific research done on herbal medicine and they don't have proof of it's efficacy.  Do you have proof that God exists? Yet you have faith that he(or she) does. And, interestingly, many doctors and scientists believe in God though there is absolutely no evidence to prove the existance of God. I would say this may represent a double standard in these individuals.

Am I asking too much of my patients to have faith in herbs? After all, there is greater evidence of their efficacy than there is of the existance of God. Herbs have been ingested and have helped heal millions of people for thousands of years. You can see, touch, taste, feel and smell herbs. And you can see their immediate effect. Can you state the same about God?

I think the proof is in the pudding. IVF is only as good as it's positive outcomes and that doesn't mean pregnancies it means take home babies. Until IVF can provide a 100% success rate, patients and doctors alike are foolish to shun herbs.

Want more proof? Just ask any of my success patients about how acupuncture and herbs changed their lives by helping to facilitate an ongoing pregnancy.

I believe in integrative medicine, not egocentric, segrated, fear-based medicine. Isn't interesting how the practice of Western medicine is a microcosm of the world in which we live. Full of in-fighting, and egos, and ignorance?

Chinese medicine is far more inclusive. For example, in China today, most hospitals use both Western and Chinese medicine to treat in-patient and out-patient cases.

In Germany, homeopathy is wide-spread and is used in conjunction with Western traditional medicine. In France, acupuncture has been used for 400 years.

What is wrong with the mind, heart and soul of the American medical instituion?

Did you know that a 10mm lining provides absolutely no assurance of its health nor its ability to recieve and nurture an implanted embryo?  Some 10mm linings are pathologic and some 5mm linings are perfectly physiologic. Did you know that by doing a transvaginal ultra-sound with a color doppler a doctor can determine if there is adequate blood flow to the lining? Did you know that if there is inadequate blood flow to the lining a pregnancy will not occur? Did you know that acupuncture and herbal medicine can greatly increase blood flow to the lining?

I'll leave you with these thoughts for now. Think carefully about what I have written.

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